We are Covid safe!

                    We are Covid safe!

Dear Client, 

The Lymphoedema Clinic London is Covid safe!

The Lymphoedema Clinic London has introduced extensive hygiene measures in accordance with government, PHE and professional body guidelines. 

What can you expect when you visit us? 

1. All staff wear PPE

2. All staff take their temperature twice per day-before work and in the afternoon; if they are feeling unwell, having fever or possible Covid symptoms they are asked to immediately leave the premises, isolate at home and take a Covid swap test; if the test returns positive all staff are tested and NHS track and trace and all clients are informed

3. The treatment room is disinfected between clients and thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day

4. Massage beds are disinfected between clients; massage beds and head rests are covered with disposable paper couch roll, which is disposed off and exchanged for new paper couch rolls between clients; if clients do not wish to lie on paper, they are allowed to bring their own towel (for hygiene reasons we are not allowed to give towels, blankets or pillows to clients) 

5. Staff to wash and disinfect hands before treatment 

6. Clients are asked to remove shoes and to disinfect hands before entering the treatment room - disinfectant gel is provided; clothes can be stored in a provided lided bin

7. Clients are kindly asked to bring your own face mask and wear it during treatment (bandanas, scarves or similar garments are not accepted); the face mask can be a surgical paper mask or made from cotton; if you suffer from lymphoedema of the face or receive lymphatic drainage of the face for other reasons you are allowed to remove the face mask during treatment

8. The client's temperature is taken before treatment and you will be asked to fill out a track and trace form for the NHS 

Thank you for reading and complying with these new Covid safety rules. 

We are hoping that this does not cause too many inconveniences. 




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