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" The manual lymphatic drainage was fantastic! Never felt so relaxed in my life!" Hayley L. (45), Accountant, Lambeth, London

" I had lymphoedema in my right arm. With manual lymphatic drainage and bandaging my arm reduced to near normal size. I received very sound and in-depth advice about diet, herbal medicine and lifestyle. The Lymphoedema Clinic London provides an excellent service." Christina H. (57), Secretary, Clapham, London

" My daughter had the flu. The herbal tinctures given to her worked very well. She recovered very quickly." Mynia C. (28), Housewife, Southwark, London

 " I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Bridget's dietary advice was in-depth and all her recommendations easy to follow. Loved her herbal tinctures, too. Within 1 week my cramps reduced by half." Sarah L. (38), IT Support, Brixton, London 

 "I had swollen ankles during my pregnancy. The Lymphatic Drainage is a really soft massage and very relaxing. At first I was concerned about the safety, but no massage oil or wax is used. After the 2nd treatment the swellings were much reduced and my backache was nearly gone."  Michelle M. (34), French teacher, Holborn, London

 "I had sinusitis for years. After 1 months of receiving facial lymphatic drainage my nose is completley unblocked! I was given herbal medicine and supplements - it all worked!. I am very happy with all the advice I've received." Ian P. (39), Account Manager, Southbank, London

 "Thank you for all your help, support and understanding." Dave S. (53), Professor, Waterloo, London

"I had prostate cancer and both my legs developed lymphoedema. My programme included an intense course of manual lymphatic drainage, multi-layered bandaging, dietary and exercise advice.  I was given herbal tinctures and nutritional supplements to support the lymph flow and the circulatory system. The lymphoedema was considerably reduced after 6 weeks. I am very happy." James N. (64), Manager, Camberwell, London

 "Just loved it, loved it, loved it!!" Monika S. (45), Media Consultant, Kennington, London

The Lymphoedema Clinic London

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