Online assessment for Lipoedema/Lipedema

                      Are you suffering from Lipoedema? 

A lot of our clients have had years of not knowing that they weren't just "born with fat legs" (as one of our clients put it), but a condition called lipoedema. If they would have been diagnosed with this debilitating condition early in their lifes, they would have had a chance to "take action" and prevent the disorder from progressing. Unfortunately, many times they have been dismissed by their doctors as being "overweight" or ridiculed for "their looks".

If you want to know if you have lipoedema, please take action. Many of our clients were "relieved" to finally find out that they were suffering from a condition and that it was not their "fault" that they were unable to lose weight. 

The Lymphoedema Clinic London has now introduced an online assessment for all clients who do not live in London or are simply not willing or able to take public transport at the moment due to Covid. 

If you wish to have an online assessment*, please contact the clinic via email firstly. We will email a lipoedema questionnaire to you and would need photos (front, sides and back view) of your legs (and arms, if they are affected). We will then review your questionnaire and photos and if we have further questions will contact you. 

Sometimes the information provided may not be conclusive. In such a case, we will invite you for a face-to-face consultation (either via skype or in person). The cost for an initial online consultation is £70.00. 

The report includes advice which medical professionals to seek, advice about compression garments and liposuction. 

Please contact us at - Don't delay. Take action!

* the online assessment should not replace medical diagnosis or treatment. 

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